Child Custody & Visitation in Richmond, VA

When a couple separates or divorces, some of the most pressing issues the parents face are child custody and visitation options. Parents need to know what options are available and the legal standards that apply.

Whether they are a part of your divorce or they involve your unmarried domestic partner, the questions of child custody are some of the most emotionally challenging issues you will ever face.

 At DeBoerSouth, we understand that your children are the most important parts of your life. Whether you resolve custody matters amicably or are entering into custody litigation, we are here for you. It is vitally important that you have legal advice and guidance so that you can make smart decisions for yourself and your family.

A Team of Attorneys That Fights for the Best Interests of the Child

Parents going through custody and visitation litigation have many questions regarding custody and visitation rights. We are here to provide you sound legal advice, clear guidance, and fierce representation.

Getting the right information can be a daunting task, especially when you are dealing with the emotional roller coaster that follows a separation and/or divorce, but we can help you find a solution that is in the best interests of your children.

Our attorneys can help you build the strongest case to present to the court. We can represent you in child custody and visitation disputes in high conflict situations and you can trust us to be your ally in any situation.

What do judges look for when deciding custody?

When evaluating the best interests of a child to determine custody and visitation, the court must consider multiple factors under Virginia law. Every case is different, and all of the relevant facts and circumstances involved in your situation must be analyzed in order to ascertain the best interests of the children. Our goal is to present the strongest case to the court.

The aim of the court is to encourage parents to work together in the best interests of their children. The custody and visitation schedules are made with that point in mind.

Child Custody and Visitation FAQ

If you are looking for answers regarding custody and visitation rights in Virginia, the following are some of the most common questions parents have during this difficult time.

Yes, fathers can gain custody of their children in Virginia. It is important to note that the court does not favor one parent over the other. The court will look at what is in the best interests of the child.

Under Virginia law, the court can consider the reasonable preference of the child if the court deems the child to be of reasonable intelligence, understanding, age, and experience to express such a preference.

Natural parents typically have a presumptive right to custody. There are situations in which grandparents can be awarded custody or visitation rights based on the laws of Virginia and the facts and circumstances of the case.

If the custodial parent is denying access to the child, you may seek a court order that defines your visitation rights. If the other party violates this court order, they may be held in contempt of court.

When you are facing questions about your rights as a parent, it is important to have legal advice you can trust. Give us a call today to schedule an initial consultation with a child custody lawyer.

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